CPO About Us


We are a group of Christians who understand what ministries need, and are committed to working in partnership with others to better provide for the UK Church. Because we're here to serve the Church, we like to find a way to make things happen and say 'yes'. Our in-house print, finishing, stock, despatch, mailing, fulfilment, digital, design, magazine and customer service teams are simply there to help you and your church.

We're passionate about what we do because it is important, so we look for innovative ways to meet the needs of churches and charities. We want to be realistic and transparent, to build positive relationships and focus on unity, partnership and spreading the Gospel. We're not about empire building - we're in it for the Kingdom.

We have provided print, distribution and fulfilment solutions for well-known charities, a whole range of ministries, missions, projects and schools. In all of these partnerships we want to go the extra mile, through dedicated and experienced people who share your values and your mission.

For churches we want to be a one-stop shop for designs for posters, banners and outreach materials, evangelism resources and courses, with the the ability to customize online, websites, training and knowledgeable advice on the phone. This frees up busy church leaders and volunteers to focus on how to use outreach materials, rather than spending time finding or designing them. It inspires them in their ministry, and equips them to communicate better. We listen to the needs of the Church and want to remain in a position to help as quickly and effectively as possible.


Our Purpose

CPO creates, publishes and distributes resources and media to promote the Christian faith

Our Vision

- To make a national impact by equipping the Church to revitalise its communication.

- To be the UK's leading developer and provider of innovative Christian resources and media.

- To be a dynamic, flexible, proactive company committed to excellence and productive partnerships.

This is worked out in our mission to see every UK household receive a positive and professional invitation to church every year, and to resource and encourage churches so that they are motivated enough to deliver them.