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ALIVE Newspaper


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This newspaper, which takes its look and feel from a Zine, is filled with powerful testimonies from the Alive series and evidence for the resurrection. It invites the reader to discover the risen Jesus.
It will help you advertise the ALIVE series or get a conversation going with a friend or neighbour.
Ideal for outreach and going door-to-door in your community.

The Newspaper (Zine), a hybrid between a newspaper and a magazine, is all about asking the question, ‘Is Jesus alive?’ and can be used as a stand-alone outreach resource this Easter, just like the magazine was.

It links the stories in the Bible of people who met the risen Jesus e.g. Mary, Thomas, and Peter, with people who have encountered Jesus and had their lives changed by him today. There are also features on the historical Jesus and how we can be confident as Christians that Jesus existed.

HOPE Together Partnership

HOPE Together want to help and support all those who wish to engage with the ALIVE campaign. By purchasing this ALIVE resource CPO acknowledges your approval to provide your name and contact details to HOPE Together. If you have any concerns about this arrangement, please contact us.

More Information

More Information
Custom product type: Books
Prod no: Z7163BT
Publisher: HOPE Together
Width (mm): 290
Height (mm): 375
Product option: Newspaper
Page Count: 20
Author: ALIVE


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