Where is My Life Going? - Explore Book

Where is My Life Going? - Explore Book

Is God Real? - Explore Book

Is God Real? - Explore Book

Am I Good Enough For God? - Explore Book

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Am I good enough for God?

Most people struggle with life at times. We live in a world where we are constantly invited to compare ourselves to others, especially on social media. It can feel hard to keep pace with everyone else. Many manage to hide how they really feel, but underneath we can feel our lives are not all we had hoped for, that we have messed up or let people down. It is easy to get trapped in a downward spiral and end up with a very negative view of ourselves. We might feel worthless, unwanted or unloved – even if we manage to disguise it.

It's easy to have a negative image of God too. We can imagine God as remote, unapproachable and harsh – just waiting to catch us out when we do something wrong. When we think of God like this, it is easy to see why we might feel we just aren’t good enough.

EXPLORE is a series of booklets for people who are curious about the Christian faith.

You will find these booklets in cathedrals and churches, and in other places where thoughts about God might come into your mind. You don’t need to know anything about religion before you start reading. They are written by people who have done a lot of thinking about life and have come to the conclusion that Christianity, and its founder Jesus Christ, give satisfying answers to the questions they have. They have titles such as...

- Where is my life going?
- Am I good enough for God?
- Is God real?
- Will anything happen if I pray?
- Why do so many bad things happen?
- Is there something beyond death?

The booklets are accompanied by a website which can direct you to reliable information so that you can discover more and think more deeply: explorechristianity.info

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