5 Ideas For Lent This Year

For the last few years, we were caught a little off guard, and many of our Easter plans came crashing down around us, but this year we have a better idea of what Easter will look like. We will be able to meet together in large groups. We will be able to host community Easter egg hunts, and we will be able to do stations of the cross events in the same way as in previous years. 

But now we are back to more of a normal Easter. we have compiled a few ideas of things that you might like to do for the families, young people or anyone in your church that is looking for something a little bit different this Lent. If Lent has crept up on you and you aren’t yet prepared, fear not all of these resources can still be ordered and will be dispatched as quickly as possible!

1. Lent Activity Box
 You may remember at Christmas, we released an Advent activity box. Following on from the popularity of this, we have released a special activity box to use through Lent. This activity box is packed with various activities from colouring, to baking, to making your own Easter cards and more! The lent box is all based around the theme of new life which is what inspired one of our new Easter design ranges Symbol of Love.

Take a look at the Lent activity box here. Price breaks are available for when you buy multiple boxes. 


2. Ideas For Lent
In addition to the Lent activity box, our second resource idea is this fantastic Ideas For Lent booklet.

This booklet contains ideas that those in your church can do throughout Lent to prepare themselves for Easter and love their community more.

As we mentioned before we are keen to encourage people to focus on the things that they can do at the moment and not on the things that they can’t do – this booklet fosters this approach to Lent.


3. Story Of Easter Colouring Poster/postcards
With children being at home a lot more at the moment finding a range of activities to keep them entertained can be tricky. This colouring poster works like an advent calendar in that for each day of Lent there is a new part of the Easter story to read and colour.

This activity works for a range of ages and can be a good moment of quiet and reflection (possibly!) each day in the lead up to Easter. You can also get this design as postcards so each day the children get a brand new card to decorate. These could then be hung up with string and pegs to slowly reveal the whole Easter story. 


4. Palm Cross and card
Back by popular demand CPO are pleased to be offering the simple palm cross again this year, you can now get an additional card to go alongside your palm cross, which helps explain some of the key dates through the Easter season. These are great to send out to those in your church or those that have been connecting with your online services or are starting to show an interest in faith.  


5. Easter Comic

The perfect giveaway for your Easter services this short comic tells the story of Easter complete with activities for children to enjoy over the Lent / Easter season. Available individually or in packs this is the perfect outreach resource for young people this Easter.


Give all of the children and young people in your church a paper palm leaf. Encourage them to decorate it or write a prayer on it and then film themselves waving their palm leaf.

You could then merge all of these clips into one short video to show in your Sunday service on Palm Sunday. You can get a pack of 20 paper palm leaves from CPO here.

We’d love to see what you are doing this Easter, so feel free to tag us on social media if you use any of these ideas or have any great ideas of your own!