5 Ways to Evangelise using The Chosen

The Chosen Season 4 made a big splash in the UK last week, with its premiere and the exciting launch of its first two episodes in cinemas across the UK and Ireland from February 1st. This is so much more than a small, low-budget show. It's a worldwide movement, breathing fresh life into cherished biblical stories and touching hearts globally!

We're here to cheer you on in using The Chosen as a way to connect and share within your community. Why not check out our top 5 suggestions for how you can use The Chosen?
We can't wait to hear about your experiences!

The Chosen Season 4 Premier in London The Chosen Season 4 Premier in London
The Chosen Season 4 Premier in London

5 Ways to use The Chosen


The Chosen - 1. WATCHThe Chosen - 1. WATCH

New to The Chosen? You're in for a treat! Watch it for FREE on the Angel Studios app or catch it on other streaming services.

Already seen it? Dive back in with fresh eyes - how can you use this in your everyday outreach? And chat about it with your loved ones like any other awesome show!


The Chosen - 2. SHAREThe Chosen - 2. SHARE

Grab the link (watch.thechosen.tv) and share it with everyone you know. Plus, we have awesome customisable posters, invitations and handouts to help you shout it from the rooftops!


The creators of The Chosen are thrilled for you to incorporate the show into your services, group meetings, or ministry events. Please note, you may need a license for livestreaming the content. Drop by the UK Chosen website for all the details you need!


Perhaps incorporate The Chosen clips or even full episodes into your Small Group studies. Use the official Season 1, 2 and 3 Study Guides or see a variety of resources here.


Your gift makes an impact - bring your loaves and fish and let God take care of feeding the five thousand.
There's a plan for seven spectacular seasons! To make this project truly global and keep it FREE for all to enjoy consider donating to the project. If you're in a position to help take a look at the following link and hear from creator and director Dallas Jenkins about how your donation is used.