A dynamic, evangelistic course that delivers!

Initially designed, to break into the post-modern mindset,  the Discovery Course presents the timeless message of the GOSPEL in a contemporary, relevant and intellectually convincing way – enabling each participant to make an informed decision.

This Evangelistic Course invariably, concludes with individuals committing their life to Christ,  believers affirmed in the Faith and backsliders, prodigals restored to God . Such is the power of the Gospel!

Why the course has proved successful?

It has 7, inbuilt distinctives

This compact, educational course is a return to the New Testament method of MAKING DISCIPLES. Built on this premise, the carefully crafted sessions present the crucial components of the Gospel which are reinforced throughout.

On course closure, the recommended Foundations Course is pre-scheduled to establish new, recent and restored believers in the basic principles and practices of the faith. An essential resource to ensure their growth, development and maturity.

The course appeals to individuals from  diverse backgrounds and cultures

Originally used in-house,  the target audience has proven extensive, attracting mature adolescents through to active 60+ year-olds.

Their reason for attending remains varied, creating a ready-made, captive audience. ‘Thinkers’ who need answers to their questions, ‘conscientious individuals’ searching for truth, ‘honest sinners’  looking for peace and ´prodigals´ ready to return. Plus Christians, who want to consolidate their basic understanding of the faith.

As the course reviews reflect, many have evidenced a radical, lifestyle change, which has been noted by believers and non-believers alike. To God be all the glory!

Testimonials from Church Leaders

Having had the recent joy of helping to run and facilitate the Discovery Course in our church, I fully, recommend it.

Being just five sessions, it is easy to commit to and thematically follow. Containing enough information to help anyone with an inquiring mind about Christianity, to reach their own conclusions about Jesus.

The facts of which, are reinforced by the discussion groups at the end of each evening. Here, the attendees are given the opportunity to talk through the session content or ask questions, which has proven invaluable.

So, if you are thinking about running the course, I would do it.
You won´t regret it!

Hampshire, UK
June 2023

The Discovery Course has been a transformational resource for us.

God has used it to bring many people to Jesus and affirm the faith of our church members.

As a result, our church has grown with the addition of new believers and our members have gone to a new level of commitment with God.

Alicante Province, Spain
October 2022

We were extremely blessed to run the Discovery Course in our home, for a small group of people and found it to be the perfect tool for Christians who want to share their faith in a practical and comprehensive way, but may not feel equipped to do so on their own.

The combination of informative videos and thought-provoking, guided discussions enabled members of our group to deeply consider the claims and implications of Christianity, which resulted in each person, fully committing their life to Christ.

As for us, hosting the course helped us grow in our own confidence as Christians and was an unforgettable experience!

Valencia Province, Spain
May 2022