Jesus Revolution

Jesus Revolution official UK trailer

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Film rated 12A

KOVA and CPO are so excited to be partnering on the box office smash hit, Jesus Revolution (in UK and Irish cinemas 23rd June). 

At KOVA, we are passionate about meaningful stories provoking meaningful conversations, and we believe that the key message of this film, that church is a place where everyone is welcome, is a great place to start! CPO cares about providing churches with high-quality resources to serve them in their ministries, and they love that this historical film speaks to us in our lives today.

So how can you be involved?
In America, Jesus Revolution doubled box office estimates - let’s show UK and Irish cinemas that the church is up for the challenge! High-quality faith films can only continue to be in mainstream cinemas if we show that there is demand for them.

We need YOU!
1.  Visit to find your nearest cinema and a convenient screening.
2.  Use CPO’s customisable invitations, bookmarks and posters to invite your small group, whole congregation, or even diocese!
    a.  With each church member booking their own ticket, there’s no cost for you - you just need to make sure that you’ve all got the right date and time!
    b.  If you do want to enquire about discounted group bookings, get in touch at
3.  Use the free-to-download resources to publicise your event on social media and in newsletters. Remember - invite everyone, because this might just be the invitation that makes the difference for someone’s eternity!
4.  After you’ve seen the film (and loved it!), you can use the prayer guide and devotional to delve deeper into the heart of God for his Church.