The  Chosen - Big Church BingeThe  Chosen - Big Church Binge

The Chosen is a groundbreaking historical drama based on the life of Jesus, seen through the eyes of those who knew Him. Set against the backdrop of Roman oppression in first century Israel, the seven season show shares an authentic and intimate look at Jesus's revolutionary life and teachings.

CPO are delighted to partner with KOVA, The Chosen’s UK publicity partner. We are so passionate about this series and believe in the heart behind its creation. We long for more people to experience Jesus for themselves and see this series as a key tool in enabling that. We hope that you’ve already heard about it, and maybe even watched it, and our heart is to help you share it with your church and wider community.

The vision

The Big Church Binge will take place from 2nd October to 3rd December. We envision churches across the UK and Ireland committing to watching Season 3, one episode a week, together. Our prayer is that this will benefit the spiritual life of your church.

Plus, Season 4 will be released in cinemas across the UK and Ireland in January 2024 and we want you to be ready!

How this will benefit your church

Evangelism - this is a great chance to invite those people for whom an invitation to church might be out of their comfort zone; “come and see this hit TV show with me!” (see how young adults react to the series!)
Discipleship - encourage a deeper understanding of the Bible and an enthusiasm to read it.
Fellowship - an opportunity for your congregation to experience Bible stories together in a new way.
Prayer - the humanness of the disciples and their struggles will resonate with people and so we suggest creating space to pray and talk around deep heart issues after each episode.
Enjoyment - discover the humanity and divinity of Jesus with fresh eyes; watch him joke with his friends, clean his teeth and be comforted by his mum plus perform the miracles we all know so well.

How to get involved

- Sign up here to show your interest

- Visit the Come and See resource hub to find all episodes, discussion guides and more.

- Choose your level of involvement:

        Option 1: host weekly meetings at your church, invite the whole congregation, provide drinks and snacks. Watch together and pray and discuss afterwards.
        Option 2: offer it out to your mid-week group leaders and suggest that they watch together each week with discussion and prayer afterwards.
        Option 3: give your church the information and encourage them to join together as groups of friends to commit to watching an episode together/separately each week and then to discuss and pray together over coffee.
        Option 4: choose a combination, or something new, to make it work for your church and community!


- Keep in touch - our mission is to ‘reach a billion people with the authentic Jesus’; please join us in this and let us know how you get on and how we can further support you.

How to watch

- All episodes online here
- All available on Amazon Freevee from 11th October
- All episodes on the Chosen app

(live after the 15th October)