1. A dynamic, evangelistic course that delivers!

    A dynamic, evangelistic course that delivers!

    Initially designed, to break into the post-modern mindset,  the Discovery Course presents the timeless message of the GOSPEL in a contemporary, relevant and intellectually convincing way – enabling each participant to make an informed decision.

    This Evangelistic Course

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  2. The Chosen - Big Church Binge

    The  Chosen - Big Church BingeThe  Chosen - Big Church Binge

    The Chosen is a groundbreaking historical drama based on the life of Jesus, seen through the eyes of those who knew Him. Set against the backdrop of Roman oppression in first century Israel, the seven season show shares an authentic and intimate look at Jesus's revolutionary life and teachings.

    CPO are delighted to partner with KOVA, The Chosen’s UK publicity partner. We are so passionate about this series and believe in the heart behind its creation. We long for more people to experience Jesus for themselves and see this series as a key tool in enabling that. We hope that you’ve already heard about it, and maybe even watched it, and our heart is to help you share it with your church and wider community.

    The vision

    The Big Church Binge will take place

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