1. 5 Ways to Evangelise using The Chosen

    5 Ways to Evangelise using The Chosen

    The Chosen Season 4 made a big splash in the UK last week, with its premiere and the exciting launch of its first two episodes in cinemas across the UK and Ireland from February 1st. This is so much more than a small, low-budget show. It's a worldwide movement, breathing fresh life into cherished biblical stories and touching hearts globally!

    We're here to cheer you on in using The Chosen as a way to connect and share within your community. Why not check out our top 5 suggestions for how you can use The Chosen?
    We can't wait to hear about your experiences!

    The Chosen Season 4 Premier in London
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  2. Shine Your Light - DIY CHRISTMAS Video


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  3. Shine Your Light - WE ARE THE CHURCH


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  4. Shine Your Light - Launch

    The vision for Shine Your Light is that the whole church across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic stand united to share the Gospel to the whole of society this Christmas. Every local church and believer is being encouraged to be a Light to shine to brighten up the whole country like a Christmas tree.

    Shine Your Light will run on the weekend of Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December but with an emphasis on community events and activities, including Nativities and family-focused opportunities taking place on Saturday. These events will occur around town halls, high streets, town and shopping centres, and other public places.

    CPO are delighted to support and partner with Shine Your Light, including equipping churches with the key resources to fully engage with this movement. CPO will also provide a variety of printed publicity resources to further encourage and support churches to promote their activities.

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