1. The Coronation Prom - Join the celebration

    Together with the All Souls Orchestra, All Souls Music are delighted to confirm that the historic occasion of The Coronation Prom on Saturday 6 May 2023 will be streamed and available for free, across the world.

    Broadcast live from the Royal Albert Hall on the evening of this memorable day, the Coronation Prom will draw on the rich historical tradition of Coronation music. The massed choir and All Souls Orchestra will perform royal anthems and overtures by Elgar, Holst, Handel and John Williams.

    Churches and individuals are encouraged to invite their friends, family, communities and congregations to celebrate with them in this joyful expression of music and worship. Following on from the Coronation Service earlier in the day, the free Livestream of this majestic prom will be available from the All Souls Music homepage and is the perfect

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  2. Publicising your Service or Event - be bold and clear


    At CPO we provide a wide

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  3. Why background screening is essential for places of worship

    This blog post has been provided by our friends at - centralise all of your background screening in one location for a faster, fully compliant and more cost-effective process.

    Why background screening is essential for places of worship

    A place of worship should be a sanctuary, a place of trust which is safe for everyone. Churches, Mosques, Temples, Synagogues and Gurdwaras are havens, where individuals and families can receive and give support – spiritual and otherwise. M

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  4. School Outreach

    Outreach to schools

    Do you have a heart for reaching young people through school? There are many resources you can get online aimed at people sharing the word of God in schools.

    • Ideas and advice from Scripture Union at
    • More about RE at,,,,
    • Great for assemblies, resources at
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  5. Cross Shaped Biscuits

    Cross Shaped Biscuits

    This recipe goes alongside one of the activities in the Lent Activity box is to make your very own cross shaped biscuits. 
    Have a look at this video to see how to make your biscuits. 

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  6. 5 Ideas For Lent This Year

    5 Ideas For Lent This Year

    For the last few years, we were caught a little off guard, and many of our Easter plans came crashing down around us, but this year we have a better idea of what Easter will look like. We will be able to meet together in large groups. We will be able to host community Easter egg hunts, and we will be able to do stations of the cross events in the same way as in previous years. 

    But now we are back to more of a normal Easter. we have compiled a few ideas of things that you

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  7. The (often untapped) potential of the church noticeboard

    The (often untapped) potential of the church noticeboard

    A noticeboard may not be the most obvious or exciting mission focus, but a mission opportunity is what it is.

    Next time you drive through a new town, make a point of looking at church noticeboards as you go past. Firstly, just consciously acknowledge their existence. A business would have to pay through the nose for such a prominent,

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  8. Great noticeboard wording

    Great noticeboard wording

    Stuck for what to write on your new noticeboard. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

    • We seek to be a centre of attentiveness to the living God and a place of challenge and reconciliation.
    • We welcome you to our services and hope you will find us a home of generous hospitality.
    • We care and we’ll share your problems. We l
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