Z4161BT - But I Say to You

'But I Say to You...'

ISBN: 978-1-78-974286-2

Christ the controversialist

Jesus, meek and mild? Think again: Jesus was a controversialist. And he still is today. Are you prepared to be challenged?

Jesus has a way of cutting right across our logic and opinions, just as he did while on earth. He took issue with his contemporaries on basic questions like:

  • Who is God?
  • How do we obey Scripture?
  • How are we saved?
  • How should we live morally?
  • How should we worship authentically?

In exploring these questions, John Stott shows that evangelical Christianity is authentic Christianity, as Jesus taught, and has the power to utterly transform us.

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Publication Date: 15 Apr 2021

Publisher: IVP

Page Count: 224

Author: John Stott

ISBN: 9781789742862

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