Coronavirus Resources

The coronavirus pandemic is the crisis of a generation and the scale of its impact is as yet unknowable. What we do know is that God is the same yesterday, today and forever – loving, good, faithful and present among his people. This is a time for his body, the Church, to be a light to the world, to love our neighbours as ourselves, to serve our communities and to worship God with all our hearts as we take each day as it comes.

Some church communication specialists have created a list of links to resources, ideas and tools which you can access here. Do sign up to our email list if you haven’t already as we’ll be signposting further help and ideas in those.

Below are some helpful covid-19 resources, PPE equipment and social distancing designs to help you keep people in your church and community safe through this pandemic.

Coronavirus Resources - Christian Tracts
Books & Booklets
Social Distancing Resources
Silver Snap Frames
Digital Downloads