Customisation Tool

New Customisation Tool

We've invested in the latest technology to provide you with a tool that allows for greater flexibility and customisation. See your layout live in front of your own eyes. Add text panels, images and/or logos.

How to use the Customisation Tool

1. Choose your design
Look for the word Customisable in the product title to ensure you select one that can be customised.

Use the + and - to select how many packs of card you would like to order.

Click the Customise button to enter the customisaiton tool.
Customise button example

Note: If you click the Add to Basket button instead this will add a blank version of your chosen product to the basket, which will remain blank throughout this process. If this is the case either remove the item from your basket or in the basket, click the small pencil icon which will take you to the customisation tool. Be sure to use the Add to Cart within the Customisation tool to complete the process.

2. Understanding the customisation tool

The tool is very intuitive to use, however it is recommend to take a moment and familiarise yourself with all the buttons and perhaps try them all out.

In simple terms, you can add your own text boxes (using the A button), or you can upload images and PDF files - see steps 4 & 5.

The grey areas shown around the edges help to keep your content safely away from trim and folding areas. Don't worry, the grey panels don't get printed!

2.1 Size Options
Some products have size or varient options, which are selected from a drop-down menu.

3. Start to Customise

Adding text box
Begin to type text into the white text box. As you type your text will also appear on the design area. You are able to change font, colour and size in the text editing panel.

To present a larger opening title and smaller details you will need to create two separate text boxes, one for each size or style.

Moving and Adjusting Text Boxes
Click on the text box in the design area, which presents four adjustment buttons. Use to move, rotate, resize or delete the text box.

4. Upload images

Adding a logo or image
Click on the "Up" arrow to select images to upload. Our tool accepts all major image formats, although we recommend jpg, png or tiff for best results. During upload your file will be checked for image quality. If there appears to be a problem you will see a warning advice notice.

Image copyright
Please ensure you have the proper permissions and/or license to use your proposed image(s). CPO reserve the right to not produce such items that contain suspected copyright restricted images. We will contact you to discuss further if this is the case.

5. Upload your own design - PDF file

If you would prefer to create your customisation using other software more familiar to yourself (Word, Publisher, Canva etc.), the tool will accept PDF files. Click the "Up" arrow and select PDF/EPS/AI. Your PDF file will load similarly to an image. Click on your item in the design area to move, rotate and scale as necessary.

6. Finish

Once you are happy with your customisation, simply click Add to Cart and complete your order.

PDF Proof
If you would prefer to review your creation before completing the order, simply click Save Design followed by PDF. You will be presented with a low-resolution PDF proof of your customisation which can be shared with others.

Need our help?
If you experience any difficulties using our customisation tool, we can help. Ensure you have a CPO account and are logged-in. Add your customisation to Basket (but do not checkout or pay) before contacting us. We are able to view and assist with your creation.

Further notes:

If you have a customised product in your basket and wish to make some further changes or alterations, click on the small pencil icon next to the item in your basket.
Once the changes have been made, ensure you click Save Changes button within the cutomisations tool panel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much text can I add?
You can add as much or as little text as you like. There are no limitations, but consider the item you are wishing to customise - posters and banners work best with clear and concise information seen at a glance, whereas invitations and flyers held in the hand can convay more details.  

Can I add images?
Yes. Use the upload button. Make sure the image you wish to upload is of good enough quality for printing. For best results, images should be print quality at 300dpi resolution where possible. The tool will advise of images not meeting this criteria. You can proceed with low resolution images, but be warned, they may not print all that well.
Please do also consider image copyright and ownership. Images or photos downloaded from other sources, not owned by yourself, should not be used. CPO reserves the right to produce such items suspected of using images with copyright issues. If in any doubt, please do contact our Customer Service team

Can I add my Church logo?
Yes. All major image file types are accepted, however for best results we suggest using a transparent .png file to prevent a white surrounding box.

What if I have my own design?
You can now upload PDF files into the Customisaiton Tool, so if you already have a ready-made design or wish to create your design using other design/layout software, a direct import can be achieved.

What are the grey borders shown on the designs?
These are visual guides to help you position your content correctly and prevent parts being too close to trimmed edges when printed. For best results avoid positioning any items in grey bordered areas.
- Dark Grey (bleed) area: Background images or colours can extend into this area, if intended to go to the edge of the page, to prevent white edges when trimmed.
- Light Grey (safe) area: Prevent all important content (text and key images) entering into these areas.

How much does Customisation cost?
Online customisation is Free. Offline customisation using our design studio is £25.00 per item (see next question below).

I cannot use the online Customisation tool. Can you help me?
Yes. For £25.00 per item, our professional design team are on-hand to create your customisation. Please contact our Sales team to arrange this offline function - ideally emailing your content to