CPO Customization & Download Terms and Condition

Customisation and downloads - terms and conditions

For online customisation CPO will supply specified fonts and colours for each design which are compatible with the design and with all computer systems.  Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that all your copy is correct and that you are happy with your text layout. CPO cannot be held responsible for any errors submitted as no further checks / proof reading takes place prior to printing your product (unless you pay for an online proof, in which case, we check spelling and grammar). You may make unlimited changes before making payment/submitting your order. If you require different fonts or colours, please contact us for our Studio overprint prices).  Please note that if you wish to have the same copy on different items (e.g. on posters and on invitations), then you will be charged an overprinting charge per item, up to a maximum amount which may be determined by CPO. Please note that our online tool is not compatible with Windows XP.

Web customisation

If you are unable to find what you are looking for on our website eg, if you require a bespoke item, please call us on 01903 263354 or email us: sales@cpo.org.uk.

Image upload:  We recommend you use the largest size image you can find (300dpi if you’re scanning one in), and crop/edit it of any uploaded image, which means you either need to own it, or have a license to use it in a personalised product from the example, should not be used in a printed product like this without obtaining the relevant permission!). If you are uploading a logo you may want to check it doesn’t have a white background, or use the space provided on the back of the card. The overprint cost is the same: £5 per side. If you want to make text part of your image, do this before upload.  CPO reserve the right to refuse any image not in keeping with our charitable objectives

Image downloads 

Low-resolution digital images will be automatically supplied for customised images, and of ‘message posters’ for orders over £20 of that design. By receiving and downloading these images you accept our terms and conditions as follows:

The image may be used for viewing purposes only – i.e. for presentation purposes (e.g. a PowerPoint presentation), or on your church website for a limited period up to a maximum of 6 weeks. The image supplied is low resolution, so could be used for a temporary church newsletter, but is not suitable for an advert in a local newspaper or similar.  The image will remain the copyright of CPO at all times, and may not be replicated or reproduced in any other way, unless permission has been expressly granted by CPO. 

If you wish to use text from CPO products, please email sales@cpo.org.uk, stating what and how you wish to use the text. Usually, we do not charge, but we would expect an acknowledgement to say “Used with permission from www.cpo.org.uk’.