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Churches need practical help with communications: with design, websites, print, so they can shine a light for Christ in public places, and reach communities with the good news of Jesus. Digital communication presents an amazing opportunity. But church leaders and volunteers are often stretched. Noticeboards are neglected, websites are out of date, publicity can be rushed. CPO offers help: with resources, ideas, training, creativity and support, which enables effective evangelism and outreach.

Would you like to contribute very directly and practically to improving church communication nationwide?

Your funds will go to the 'Church Communications Improvement Project', which enables us to match the right support and resources to churches who are nominated for help. Where possible, churches who most need help will receive it for free, through training, help with websites, print, design, display and social media. A gift of £50 could fund a set of invitations, posters and flyers with professional design for a church that needs it. We need to work together so that EVERY church is communicating as well as it can, to reach our communities for Christ.

Will you help us train, equip and enable churches in the UK?

(You can also support this work in prayer. Find specific information and requests via the PrayerMate app here.)

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