Seriously Messy

Seriously Messy

Hope to Carry On


When someone close to us dies, it often makes us ask big questions: Why did this happen? What will life be like now? How will I cope?

Even if you weren’t close, the death of a friend, colleague or neighbour often leaves us thinking about our own mortality, and wondering what this short life of ours is about – and what happens next? Maybe, like many people, you’re worried about dying.

This little booklet is to encourage and help you. It explains what God has done so that we can have real hope even in the face of death. It will also assure you that death is not the end, and show you how you can have real hope – both now and for the future.

Can be given out at funerals.

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More Information
Custom product type: Booklets
Prod no: Z3648BT
Width (mm): 124
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ISBN: 9781909559042


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