Olive Wood Wide Holding Cross 10cm

Olive Wood Wide Holding Cross 10cm

Amazing Love - Message Poster

Amazing Love - Message Poster

Easter Hot Cross Bun Serviettes (Packs of 100) + 25 FREE!


A best seller giveaway outreach item. Now available in packs of 125s, for the price of 100!

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Stocks running low.

When giving out hot cross buns at your Easter service or outreach event, why not use our serviettes to get the message across? These ever popular serviettes, also known as napkins, come with a message and details about how to find out more about Jesus.

  • Colour: White with black text.
  • Size: 33cm sq, 3 ply

Serviette wording reads:
Why a cross on a Hot Cross Bun?

Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, when Jesus Christ was put to death,  the bun's cross reminds us of what Jesus did for all mankind - even  you!

Just a story or the most significant event in all history?

There's more to a Hot Cross Bun than you realise and there's even more  to Jesus Christ than you think.

To find out more, visit your local chuch  this Easter or contact:

Christian Enquiry Agentcy (HCB)
Freepost WC2947
South Croydon

or click on


More Information

More Information
Custom product type: Misc
Prod no: V11SE
Product size: 33cm sq. 3ply
Width (mm): 330
Height (mm): 330


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