Jesus Light Candle - Publicity Roll-up Banner

Jesus Light Candle - Publicity Roll-up Banner

Jesus Light Candle - Customisable Landscape Publicity Poster

Jesus Light Candle - Customisable Landscape Publicity Poster

Jesus Light Candle - Tract (Pack of 50)

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Fear of the dark is often thought of as a childhood problem but =mnay of us carry it into adulthood.  Accrding to a Yougov poll, 40% of us are scared to walk around our own houses at night if the lights are off.

Nycophobia, as it is officially termed, is not as irrational as some phobias. The dark leaves us exposed to attack and  ulnerable
to mishap. Without light we are functionally blind – reduced to groping clumsily around hoping for the best.

Of all the metaphors used about Jesus, light is one of the most powerful. ‘In him was life, and the life was the light of men,’ wrote John at the start of his gospel. ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’ (1:4-5)

Jesus  lluminated human failings and shone a pathway to forgiveness and restored relationship with God. Jesus enabled us to see the character of God. Jesus broke through the darkness of abusive power, oppression and suffering, bringing the comfort of a new dawn.

In the UK, Christmans happens at the darkest time of the year.  On some days in December it barely seems to get light at all. It isn’t just potentially scary, it can lead to vitamin D deficiency and mental health issues like Seasonal Affective Disorder.

But in the dark, both real and metaphorical, the light of Jesus shines on. Come closer and discover life in the light.

Jesus Light Candle
During the Christmas season there are many lights that draw our attention, from flashing lights on houses to flickering candles like the one in this image.  There is nothing wrong with the lights of Christmas, and they can be used to point to the greater Light, Jesus.

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Custom product type: Tracts
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Product size: A6
Width (mm): 105
Height (mm): 148
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