Z4151BT - Leadership 101

Leadership 101

ISBN: 978-0-28-108607-8

Leadership 101

Youth and childrens' ministry is impacted by many things – from training and resources to demographic. But ultimately it is leadership skills that determine how fruitful our ministries can be.

Leadership 101 is a manual designed to equip youth and kids workers with the tools they need not just to lead, but to lead well.

Taking a holistic look at leadership, Tim Alford, national director of Limitless, explores the principles of self-leadership, culture and team building, vision and strategy and offers practical, experienced advice how to implement those principles in our Christian leadership.

Thoroughly readable and entirely applicable, Leadership 101 is the perfect leadership book for childrens' and youth workers to refer to again and again as you lead your ministry into a brighter, more fruitful, future.

Product Information

Publication Date: 17 Jun 2021

Publisher: SPCK Publishing

Page Count: 160

Author: Tim Alford

ISBN: 9780281086078

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