Z4297BT - Live Lent Embracing Justice (Kids pack of 10)

Live Lent Embracing Justice (Kids pack of 10)

ISBN: 978-1-78-140266-5

Live Lent: Embracing Justice is the Church of England's theme for Lent 2022. It invites us to examine our own lives truthfully, to see the world more deeply and to pray that 'justice may roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream' (Amos 4.24).

This Lent booklet for children provides a fun daily action to help children and their families explore how we can live well together, as well as a weekly reading and prayer.

Each week follows a different thread through the many stories of justice in the Bible to explore how God brings justice, wholeness and salvation to all.

Product Info

Publisher: Church House Publishing

ISBN: 9781781402665

Number of Pages: 32

Published: 14/01/2022

Width: 9 cm

Height: 16 cm


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