V225SE - Mince Pie Serviettes (PK50)
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Mince Pie Serviettes (PK50)

Use our popular serviettes to get the message across when giving out free mince pies at your Christmas service or outreach event. Each serviette carries the message: ‘Why do we eat mince pies at Christmas?’ as well as a short evangelistic message and details to find out more about Jesus. Colour: White with red/green text. Size: 33cm sq, 2-ply

Wording as follows:

Why do we eat mince pies at Christmas?
The very first mince pies were actually filled with meat that had been shredded into little strips, called shred pies, and were often shaped to look like Christ's manger. After 1660 the pies became more like those enjoyed today, and often carried a star in the pastry, after the star of Bethlehem.

Just a tradition, then, like Christmas?
Yes, except that Christmas, far from just being a story, marks a turning point for mankind - the birth of God's son Jesus. His life, death and resurrection have changed human history.

How do I find out more about Jesus?
Ask at your local church, or contact the Christian Enquiry Agency at Freepost WC2947, South Croydon, CR2 8UZ. You also might like to visit www.christianity.org.uk


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