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Parables: Rewired

Jesus taught in parables. Spiritual truths wrapped up in everyday storylines. Storylines rooted in the fabric of life in first century Palestine. Stories about, places, people, professions and possessions familiar to his audience.

But what if Jesus were to tell these stories to us, here and now? The same messages but with twenty-first century storylines. Might his stories then feature plumbers, electricians, lawyers, entrepreneurs; Ferraris, Fords, Yachts, Ski-trips, theme parks; the Shard and the Angel of the North? Maybe even a compassionate Millwall fan.

Here’s what people have had to say about it:

“A great, entertaining and accessible approach to the parables of Jesus. Stories ignite the imagination, and Mike Elms brings them to imaginative and practical life for a new generation of readers.” The Rt Revd Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Leeds

“Jesus taught truth though imagination, stories and the everyday events of his time and place. Mike Elms takes these parables and puts them into our time and place to create a book which is provocative, challenging and invites us to go deeper into the truth of God.” Professor David Wilkinson, Principal of St Johns College, Durham University

“This eye-opening, heart-lifting, Jesus-loving book brings fresh insight to the parables. There’s a spirit to this book: a sense of wonder about Christ, a quiet awe at who he is, and what he came to do, and a heartfelt yearning that anyone who reads this book - wherever they are in relationship with God - would know his love, his joy, him more deeply.” Mark Greene, LICC

“Jesus’ ability to tell a tale still astounds today – even to a culture radically different from his own. It’s a brave man who tries to rewire them. But Mike Elms is brave, and he is talented, with a lifetime’s experience in communication which he brings to this sharp and stylish book. Provocative, personal, poignant: Parables: Rewired will help readers, familiar or fresh, to (re)acquaint themselves with the most effective storyteller in history, and his tales that can still turn our lives, and the world, the right way up.” Nick Spencer, Senior Fellow Theos

“Let’s keep the stories alive!” Mike Elms, Author


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