Z4186BT - Parables: Rewired

Parables: Rewired

Jesus taught in parables. Spiritual truths wrapped up in everyday storylines. Storylines rooted in the fabric of life in first century Palestine. Stories about, places, people, professions and possessions familiar to his audience.

But what if Jesus were to tell these stories to us, here and now? The same messages but with twenty-first century storylines. Might his stories then feature plumbers, electricians, lawyers, entrepreneurs; Ferraris, Fords, Yachts, Ski-trips, theme parks; the Shard and the Angel of the North? Maybe even a compassionate Millwall fan.

"This eye-opening, heart-lifting, Jesus-loving book brings fresh insights to the parables. There's a spirit to this book: a sense of wonder about Christ. a quiet awe at who is, and what he came to do." Mark Greene, LICC


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