Z3839CD - Praise Songs For Toddlers

Praise Songs For Toddlers

ISBN: 502-1-77-623103-5

Playtime and Essential Christian have brought out another great CD full of wonderful Bible story action songs. The CD contains a selection of 12 fantastic songs which include ‘I’m So Small’, ‘Jesus is my Best Friend’, ‘Big Family God’ and lots more. There is also a bonus track for you to enjoy.

These songs are fun, great to dance to, and convey how much God loves us. Another fantastic resource to use within your toddler groups, play schools, churches and families.

Song list:

  1. I’m Gonna Clap My Hands
  2. God Loves Me
  3. The Hands Go Round
  4. Wide Wide As the Ocean
  5. I Will Praise the Lord
  6. Wake Up
  7. I’m So Small
  8. Big Family of God
  9. Shake My Shaker
  10. I Can Clap My Hands
  11. If I Jump Up High
  12. Jesus is My Best Friend
  13. I Will Praise the Lord

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