Searching Issues: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Searching Issues: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Hope When It Hurts

Hope When It Hurts

Prayers, Texts and Tears

Looking for an honest response to grief and loss that uses accessible language, and real emotion? This soul-bearing book by poet Dai Woolridge gives you the words to articulate loss, and better understand it's impact, whether personally, in the lives of those you know. An invaluable read in growing you sympathy and understanding.
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How do we respond to God, our family, and our colleagues when our whole world is shattered by the death of a loved one?

For Spoken Word artist Dai Woolridge, there were sometimes no words.

In this honest and personal story of grief, Dai offers a creative response to God. Working through a timeline of grief, he shares his experience of burn-out, anti-depressants and the question of why doesn't God heal?

Using poetry, prayers and scripture, Dai looks back at his cries to God, and His words back to him. This is a book that will give words to those who are going through personal loss, and for those who have grieved, are grieving or have never yet grieved.


1. World-Crushing

2. I Remember

3. Next of Kin

4. Prayers, Texts and Tears

5. Empty Shopping Bags and Blossom Trees

6. Meds Vs Meditation

7. Silent Prayers

8. Sick Note

9. It's All Change

10. Healing Moments

11. Faith in Faith

12. The "H" Word

13. Grief is Not Exclusive to the Grievers

14. A Beautiful Brokenness

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