C3820MF - Good Heavens - Message Invitation Folder

Good Heavens - Message Invitation Folder

A6 Paper (105mm × 148mm)

Invitation folders are ideal for use as Service folders, Newsletters and Invitations.

These A5 paper and A6 paper folders are designed with an attractive cover and two blank pages which can be overprinted with your details as required. Personalise these popular folders using our online overprinting service.

Simply add your folder to your basket, and then click customise to add your own text - this can be done direct from this screen once you have added the product to your basket or direct from your basket.

On the inside left hand page are the words:

Our TV channels are full of celebrity chefs these days, or shows giving us insight into how to bake the best cakes or whip up a healthy meal in next to no time.

It’s become second nature for us to have a glorious variety of fruit, vegetables, meat and all kinds of ingredients easily available. And maybe we don’t give it a second thought.

But Christians look to God not just as the Creator of the incredible planet we live on, but also as the Provider of all that we need to enjoy life on earth.

Come and join us as we celebrate Harvest – you’ll be very welcome!

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