C4004C - Growth Bible Course

Growth Bible Course

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The Growth Courseis designed to follow on from the LIfe Course and helps people grow in faith. The folder contains 15 individual work/study sheets to fill in, which includes the following topics:

  1. Appeal for witnesses - discover the important job that God has for all of us to do
  2. Giving evidence - ways in which we can be witnesses for Jesus
  3. That's a good question - dealing with awkward questions
  4. I'm glad you asked that! - covers 2 of the most commonly asked questions about Hell and suffering
  5. Coming soon! - What the Bible teaches and how we can be prepared for the return of Jesus
  6. A good servant, but a bad master - what the Bible teaches about money
  7. Know your enemy - we learn some vital lessons about our arch enemy, the Devil.
  8. Defeated! - we should never forget, although powerful, the Devil is a defeated enemy.
  9. Cheers - what the Bible says about alcohol
  10. Another gospel - recognising false religions
  11. The Mighty midget - looks at the tongue
  12. Sunday, sweet Sunday - as Christians how should we spend Sunday
  13. Love one another - our responsibility towards other Christians in our local church
  14. The urge to merge - what the Bible has to say about relationships between the sexes
  15. In the World - looking at the way God wants us to live out His life in the world around us

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