C4556LPB - Hands - Customisable

Hands - Customisable Vinyl Banner with Eyelets

Vinyl - Eyeletted

    Small: 1460mm x 475mm
    Medium: 2050mm x 680mm
    Large: 2670mm x 880mm
    Super: 3750mm x 1222mm
    Extra Large: 4380mm x 1500mm

A large format banner, available in a variety of sizes and finishes, encouraging praise and worship in church and a signpost for those who are searching.

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A vibrant, colourful design with a message of truth and hope based on the scripture “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands” Isaiah 49:16a.

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Size Option Price Each
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Extra Large
150cm × 461cm
(59.1 × 181.5 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £168.99
122.2cm × 375cm
(48.1 × 147.6 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £134.49
89.5cm × 275cm
(35.2 × 108.3 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £93.49
68.5cm × 210cm
(27 × 82.7 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £72.99
47.5cm × 146cm
(18.7 × 57.5 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £49.99

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