C4657MF - Silent Night - Message Invit. Folder

Silent Night - Message Invit. Folder

DL Paper (100mm × 210mm)

Inside this invitation folder includes the words:

You know that moment when you're suddenly awestruck? They're quite rare, but we remember these moments when they happen – a fantastic sunset, an amazing piece of music, some really good news.

Maybe the most common moment of wonder is the birth of a baby. New life brought into the world, an incredible miracle of creation, a little person full of hope and potential. No wonder we say 'Awww'.

The well-loved carol Silent Night captures that stillness and awe at one of the most incredible moments in human history: the birth of Jesus, God's Son. This Christmas we'll be celebrating this amazing event once more. Do come and join us – and discover why it's the best news the world has ever had.

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