C4877MF - A Christmas Promise - Message Invit. Folder

A Christmas Promise - Message Invit. Folder

DL Paper (100mm × 210mm)

An A4 sheet that folds to 1/3 A4.

The leaflet includes these words on the left hand side, with plenty of space for you to add your service details.

Christmas is often a time of promises...

“I promise to get you the toy everyone wants”

“I promise I won’t work late on Christmas Eve”

“I promise I’ll be nice to ALL the relatives!”

Actually, a promise is right at the heart of the Christmas story – God’s promise to send His Son into the world. It affects every one of us, because it deals with what we need most – to be re-connected with the God who created us.

The good news of Christmas is that we can come back to God through Jesus – we can know his love, his peace and real hope for the future.

Do join us at our services to discover that promise for yourself – it’s what you need most this Christmas!

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