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Epic Explorers - Customisable Banner

Epic Explorers takes children aged 4-11 through Mark’s Gospel as they explore the life of Jesus together in five flexible sessions. Children will join a cast of characters on an exciting island adventure filled with games, activities and Bible stories that will help them discover who Jesus is, why He came, and what it means to follow Him. Written by the Christianity Explored team.

Designed for use in a variety of contexts - a holiday club, after-school club, or as an opportunity for children to invite friends to their church group. It works best with 4-11s all together, or 8-11s on their own.

Be bold - large format landscape banners can really make a difference by branding and reinforcing what your church is doing.

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Extra Large
150cm × 461cm
(59.1 × 181.5 inches)
Clipped Vinyl £159.99
Eyeleted Vinyl £159.99
122.2cm × 375cm
(48.1 × 147.6 inches)
Clipped Vinyl £119.99
Eyeleted Vinyl £119.99
89.5cm × 275cm
(35.2 × 108.3 inches)
Tearproof Paper £59.99
Clipped Vinyl £92.49
Eyeleted Vinyl £92.49
68.5cm × 210cm
(27 × 82.7 inches)
Tearproof Paper £47.99
Clipped Vinyl £67.99
Eyeleted Vinyl £67.99
47.5cm × 146cm
(18.7 × 57.5 inches)
Paper £16.99
Laminated £26.99
Tearproof Paper £26.99
Clipped Vinyl £47.99
Eyeleted Vinyl £47.99

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