C4970TR - Trypraying - Tract

Trypraying - Tract

A6 Paper (105mm × 148mm)

This little leaflet, has examples of things people pray.

‘20 million people in the UK pray. 1 in 3 people believes their prayers are answered. How about you? You could try praying this: ‘God if you are there, and I’m not sure you are, but if you are, I want to get to know you’. We’re praying copies of this get into thousands of hands, and reach many homes of those who say they ‘aren’t religious’ and are ‘not into church’.

It offers to seekers a free copy of the excellent trypraying booklet.

Find out more at www.trypraying.co.uk.

Trypraying is a prayer guide with a difference. It’s for friends, family, neighbours etc. who are asking questions about God and faith, or struggling and searching for answers, but who would avoid stepping into church. It’s for anyone you’ve ever spoken to, or prayed for, and had that feeling…this person wants to know more. The pocket-sized booklet features real-life stories, words of wisdom, and prayers that anyone can pray. Trypraying is a seven-day exploration of faith, which doesn’t shy away from the tough questions about suffering or unanswered prayer. The day-by-day format introduces the idea of a relationship with God, explains who Jesus is, and why we all need him in our life. It allows everyone to bring the ‘Big Issue’ in their life to God, perhaps to receive an answer to prayer - or to discover that there is a loving Father who is with them in their struggles.

Trypraying is dual purpose - it challenges Christians to share their faith. It challenges non-Christians to reach out to God. The booklet has seen many people come to faith in Jesus – first-time seekers, returners to faith, agnostics, atheists and even church goers.

Use these publicity materials alongside the booklet, or simply to have visible to those walking past your building.

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