C5221LPB - Jesus Game Changer - Customisable

Jesus Game Changer - Customisable Vinyl Banner with Eyelets

Vinyl - Eyeletted

This course explores how the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it still matters today. It helps unpack how issues such as equality and care for the poor are underpinned by Jesus’ teaching, and how his message is still relevant today. With contributors including Rico Tice and Paula Gooder, this is ideal for churches, small groups or evangelism.

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Extra Large
150cm × 461cm
(59.1 × 181.5 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £168.99
122.2cm × 375cm
(48.1 × 147.6 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £134.49
89.5cm × 275cm
(35.2 × 108.3 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £93.49
68.5cm × 210cm
(27 × 82.7 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £72.99
47.5cm × 146cm
(18.7 × 57.5 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £49.99

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