C5244GCB - Offer it to God - Customisable Greeting Card

Offer it to God - Customisable Greeting Card


'Offer it to God' by Lilly Tigwell


Lilly writes: “At the moment I am conducting a project on understanding more of my God-given creativity through artistic discipline. I am doing a painting or drawing a day for a whole year. I often don’t plan what I am going to draw or paint until I am sitting in front of a canvas or sketchbook, but I enjoy letting my subconscious leak onto the page. This was done one evening at a time when my future was uncertain. I needed some grounding in some biblical truth. As I searched for what to paint, hands began to emerge as a drawing. As I continued I began to let colour leak out of the hands, and oat upwards. I later added the gold paint which I think adds a regal or royal essence: quite appropriate for the authority that God holds over our lives. This is such a comfort in times when everything around us is so uncertain.”

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