C5267BT - Novena Conversations - Booklet

Novena Conversations - Booklet

This small booklet is designed for nine days of prayer, known as ‘Novena’, between Ascension and Pentecost, with paintings, devotional guidance, a Bible passage and prayer.

With introductory letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Last year hundreds of churches used little Novena booklets to encourage prayer, reflection and even group study.

Each page contains a painting of a biblical scene with devotional guidance in prayer, a bible passage and a written prayer response.

Size: A6. 24pp.

Caleb Simmons


Caleb is an illustrator based in Canterbury. He works with paint, charcoal and ink, then honing them digitally, to capture movement, depth and story. The Novena project has been a unique opportunity for Caleb to produce work that combines his enthusiasm for prayer and storytelling.

Prints of individual artworks now available: calebsimmons.co.uk/novenashop

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