C5340LIC - Back to Church - Customisable Postcard

Back to Church - Customisable Postcard


A Season of Invitation began as ‘Back to Church Sunday’ in 2004, which was an annual opportunity for churches across the UK and abroad to invite people to come with them to church.

Ten years on, Season of Invitation is entering a new season, moving from one invitational service to five. This is an invitation for a Back to Church service.

Back To Church Sunday

Service Suggestions

The first of the 5 invitational events is Back To Church Sunday, which many of you will have run before. Most churches hold this service on the last Sunday in September.

This is a great opportunity to invite those who may have been to your church before for a wedding, baptism or funeral. Lots of people that we know may have been to church when they were younger for Sunday school – but haven’t been back since. You can then invite them back again to Harvest, Remembrance and the Christmas Services at your church.

Bible Reading Suggestions

2 Thessalonians 2: 13-17 (being called by God) Matthew 7: 24-29 (built on a firm foundation)

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