C5394GC - Welcome Christmas - Greeting Card Pack

Welcome Christmas - Greeting Card Pack


These are the matching publicity materials for the Christmas booklet OUTSIDE/IN. Christmas booklets can be ordered from us in packs of ten (provided by Lifewords free of charge) with a small postage and packing charge. If you would like to order more than 100 copies, please go to www.lifewords.global/christmas. Lifewords is happy to assist you with the copies you need for your church or event.

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OUTSIDE/IN brought to you in partnership with Lifewords.

This year let the Christmas story turn your church, your community, even your world, OUTSIDE/IN. The Christmas story is full of unlikely characters. Those on the edges are drawn to the heart of the action. Everyone is invited in. OUTSIDE/IN is a beautifully illustrated booklet told from the perspective of Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the wise men: outsiders who find themselves included at the very heart of the story.

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Option Quantity Unit Price Price
Card & Envelope 10 £3.85 £3.85
100 £3.85 £38.50
500 £3.00 £150.00
1000 £2.70 £270.00
2000 £2.45 £490.00
4000 £2.25 £900.00
5000 £2.05 £1,025.00
Card Without Envelope 10 £3.60 £3.60
100 £3.60 £36.00
500 £2.75 £137.50
1000 £2.45 £245.00
2000 £2.20 £440.00
4000 £2.00 £800.00
5000 £1.80 £900.00

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