C5492 - 30 Days in Colossians

30 Days in Colossians

Why a ‘Bible Month’?

Many Christians struggle to find time to read the Bible. Some find it difficult to know where to start, while others find it hard to interpret what they read. Surveys show that biblical literacy – understanding what the Bible says and how best to read it – is declining within the Church, as well as in wider society.

And yet God continues to speak through the Bible in a life-giving way, and reading the Bible remains a ‘means of grace’ through which God works. In recognition of its importance, the Methodist Conference has repeatedly called the wider Church to engage Scripture more deeply. Learning to engage with the Bible regularly is a task for all Christians.

What is Bible Month?

The Bible Month initiative offers an opportunity for churches and circuits to immerse themselves in a biblical book over a calendar month, and so help participants engage with Scripture more deeply for themselves. While churches do, of course, regularly preach on passages of Scripture, the distinct feature of the Bible Month is drawing all within the Church to focus on a book of the Bible, and to do so intensively over a four week period.


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