C5637PB - Summer Football - Customisable

Summer Football - Customisable Vinyl Banner with Eyelets

Vinyl - Eyeletted

Sports tournaments bring people together like almost nothing else in life. World Cups and European Nations Cups are a great way to open your church to the local people, many of them will have never been in the building and will have all kinds of ideas of what t is like. By inviting them to a 'non-church' event they can be encouraged to step over them threshold and destroy the mystery of Church Building.

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Extra Large
150cm × 461cm
(59.1 × 181.5 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £168.99
122.2cm × 375cm
(48.1 × 147.6 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £134.49
89.5cm × 275cm
(35.2 × 108.3 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £93.49
68.5cm × 210cm
(27 × 82.7 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £72.99
47.5cm × 146cm
(18.7 × 57.5 inches)
Vinyl - Eyeletted £49.99

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