C5723MF - Changed History - Message Invit. Folder

Changed History - Message Invit. Folder

DL Paper (100mm × 210mm)

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Jesus has been the dominant historical figure for the last 20 centuries. Even our dating system divides time before and after his life. His influence has shaped every part of our social and political fabric and countless people around the world claim to have a real, personal relationship with him that gives them meaning and motivates their actions.

We can forget that this Jesus is the same Jesus born in a stable and laid in an animal feeding trough. This Jesus was a refugee, fleeing with his parents to Egypt as a young child. This Jesus was a carpenter’s apprentice, and then an itinerant preacher with no home and few possessions. He died a criminal’s death and was buried in a borrowed tomb. Resurrected to new life, he came to the marginalised and poor.

Jesus forces us to look at poverty in new ways. Come and join us this Christmas and explore how this history-changer still changes the world today.

During advent we wait for the birth of Jesus who, like so many in our world today, was born into poverty – in a stable and laid in an animal feed trough. He was even a refugee, fleeing with his parents to escape the tyranny of the king when he was a child. This Jesus grew, and his example and teachings have changed history. Much of his ministry focused on serving, dignifying and lifting up those in society regarded as weak or worthless. The poor, sick and outcasts of society – like women, children, elderly and foreigners.

With these themes of social justice in mind, this intricate and realistic hand-crafted slum-like Bethlehem scene is made from recycled cardboard and coloured paper off-cuts. This thought-provoking design, when used for your church’s Christmas worship, looks to help your congregations and communities focus on the needs of others and share the hope that the new-born Prince of Peace brings.

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