C5724MF - O Come Let us Adore - Message Invit. Folder

O Come Let us Adore - Message Invit. Folder

DL Paper (100mm × 210mm)

These words are in the leaflet (MFDL), with space for your details. Feel free to copy and use them:

It is that time of year: everywhere you go the same music is belting out over tinny speakers or being sung by festive choirs – assaulting your ears as you try and go about your business. Love or hate carols, they are a feature of a British Christmas as much as the tinsel and mince pies. One of the best-known carols is ‘O come all ye faithful’ with its chorus of the gradually more heartily sung line, ‘O come let us adore him.’ ‘Adore’ is a strong verb. It carries connotations of passionate love intermingled with respect, devotion and admiration. Christ the Lord, more than anyone else, is worthy of adoration. We invite you to come and join us for carols, a warm drink and a warm welcome. Come and experience Christmas with those who adore the baby at the centre of the festivities.

Warm and rich colours with words from a well-loved Christmas carol – this gorgeous design will have wide appeal.

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