C5726TR - Star of Wonder - Tract

Star of Wonder - Tract

A6 Paper (105mm × 148mm)

Inside this tract are the following words:

‘…the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was.’ Matthew 2: 9

It is very likely that if you’ve ever watched a nativity play it would have featured three kings, processing through the audience after a star-bearing child to arrive at the manger-side with their camels and gifts. All the Bible tells us though, is that an unspecified number of ‘Magi’ came from the east to worship a new-born king. But the star part is there, and it was the star that informed these travellers of the birth of a new king, and led them to his side.

People are still led to worship Jesus, taking unlikely, often costly journeys to his side. Where are you on that journey? Perhaps you haven’t set out and have no intention of doing so. Or maybe you’ve been trying to find him for a long time and feel a bit lost. It could be you can sense he is close and your anticipation is growing as your faith builds.

This Christmas, try and take a break from the parties, present wrapping, turkey eating and merriment and find somewhere quiet to reflect. What has brought you to this moment? What are the signs pointing you to Jesus?

The star led a number of people to Jesus after his birth. Our mission, as a Church is to help lead people to Jesus today. Use this simple and stylish design to invite people to your Christmas services and events this year.

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