C5728TR - Peace on Earth - Tract

Peace on Earth - Tract

A6 Paper (105mm × 148mm)

Inside this tract are the following words:

Is peace on earth a pipe dream? Wikipedia keeps a running tally of conflicts raging around the world; in 2017 there were 41 wars each resulting in between 100 and 10,000 violent deaths. Some of these wars have been ongoing for decades, growing from centuries-old seeds of division and hatred.

Many of us also lack inner peace. Rates of clinical depression and anxiety have reached epidemic proportions; stress is endemic as we pack our schedules ever fuller, trying to do more than seems humanly possible.

What hope is there for peace?

Two millennia ago, an angel appeared on a Judean hillside and announced the birth of a baby to some humble shepherds. This baby, Jesus, would bring peace on earth.

Peace may seem an impossible dream, but Christians through the ages tell stories of the peace they have experienced in God’s presence despite impossibly stressful circumstances. And there are miraculous accounts of divine intervention in conflict and violence.

Jesus came to make peace between God and humankind, taking the consequences of our disobedience on himself as he died on the cross. He came with a subversive message of reconciliation: love your enemies and turn the other cheek. He came to let us know how much God loves us and that to accept that love is the way to freedom and joy.

You can experience this peace for yourself, and play your part in bringing God’s peace on earth. Wherever you are right now, why not try praying?

This beautifully textured candle with its festive holly detail conveys a simple but powerful message of the peace Jesus offers.

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