C5796FC - Love Without Limits - Message Card

Love Without Limits - Message Card


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What would you do for someone you love? Move across the country? Give up your job to care for them full- time? Donate a kidney? Most of us would make significant sacrifices for loved ones, but there’s usually a line somewhere we won’t cross. Even Meatloaf, who would do anything for love, won’t do ‘that.’

God’s love for us has no limits. It is not on a human scale at all but takes our shallow conception of devotion and blows it apart. His love goes beyond all reasonable lengths; it is relentless and unwavering; it is immeasurably generous.

Come and join us this Easter as we contemplate the limitless love of God shown on the cross and what it means to each of us today.

Delicately and thoughtfully painted this design brings out the true feeling of sacrifice that Jesus paid on the cross. His love really was without limits. How are you going to show Christ-like love this Easter?

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