C5798TR - Jesus Way Truth Life - Tract

Jesus Way Truth Life - Tract

A6 (105mm × 148mm)

Inside this tract are the following words:

Jesus, a Middle-Eastern man who lived for just over three decades two millennia ago, made some extraordinary claims about himself, among them this: ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ (John 14:6).

Think about that for a second.

He believed himself to be the gateway to God – the only gateway.

You may find this outrageous, shocking, unacceptable, the ravings of a deluded narcissist. You wouldn’t be the only one to have that reaction. But all this time later, over two billion people believe he is what he said, and through him have a real, vivid, life-changing relationship with God the Father. Christians around the world will be gathering on Easter Sunday to remember his crucifixion and celebrate his resurrection, some at great personal risk. Otherwise sane and intelligent people will talk as though this man is alive and well and present with them then and there.

Perhaps you have figured out the meaning of life and are happy following your own way. If you have even the slightest niggle that you might have got a bit lost or missed some vital truth about what this is all about, what do you have to lose by exploring why all these people have taken Jesus at his word and given themselves to following him? Surely what you stand to gain is far greater – nothing less than eternal life in God’s presence.

This bold, vibrant design was created using coloured paper, which has been cut out and assembled to create the final composition. Jesus is 'The Way, The Truth, The Life' and this design aims to communicate that in a colourful and engaging way.

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