C5855LICA6PK - Easter Story

Easter Story

A6 Card (105mm × 148mm)

Inspired by our Story of Easter poster, and thought up by a CPO customer, this pack of 18 postcards makes its way through the Easter story. Whether you are using these in the build up to Easter, or simply on Easter Sunday, this is a great resource for children's work at church, or for families at home.

One pack gives you one set of 18 different images on A6 postcards.

Ideas for how these can be used in children's work:

  1. Start the series of Easter early in the term, and use these postcards for your craft activity time. Take the children through a few postcards each week, each child can colour in the same image to take home. You can concentrate on a few verses a week, and bring out teaching points of Jesus' character and how we can interact with others. These verses could be the memory verses they learn each week, for points for their team, or a sweet!

  2. On Easter morning have different children colour in different pictures, and after all the images have been coloured get them to arrange the postcards in order of the Easter story.

Ideas for how these can be used with families at home:

  1. Colour a few postcards each week. When they are finished with each postcard you can stick them next to each other to eventually create the entire Easter story. A good activity for before bed, or on a Saturday afternoon.

Let us know how you use these creatively!

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