C5861PK - T4CG - Training Pack

Here: Now: Us Workshop Training Pack

This workshop helps you and your church become equipped to tackle some of the toughest questions of our time, build your capacity to become a force for the Common Good and strengthen civil society in your area. People are yearning for a sense of belonging and meaning: the Church can be a blessing for our national community.

The workshop is underpinned by a biblically rooted theology drawing on the Christian social traditions.

Who is it for?

  • Christians of all traditions but all are welcome to join in
  • People who want learn more about Common Good Thinking and apply it in their churches, communities and workplaces
  • No theological training required

What, where, when and how?

  • A one day workshop with teaching, prayer, activities, discussion, networking and lunch
  • Organised and hosted locally by a church or group of churches or organisations working in partnership
  • Ideal cohort size is 20 people drawn from different traditions
  • Led by an experienced Here: Now: Us Facilitator or if you have facilitation experience, you can opt to lead it yourself

The Training Pack

Your Training Pack contains a full set of facilitation notes, a helpful guide for running your workshop, background reading, a sample guest workbook and teaching aids. Stunningly designed and easy to use – all the information you need to run your own Here: Now: Us workshop is here.

PLEASE NOTE: To get your essential Workshop PowerPoint please forward your order confirmation email to Together for the Common Good at workshops@togetherforthecommongood.co.uk

Don’t forget to add sufficient workbooks for your group to your basket!


1 x Facilitator Notes

1 x Background Reading

1 x Local Host Guide for running your workshop

1 x Guest Workbook (order an additional copy for each participant)

2 x Set of Common Good Principles cards

1 x Common Good Thinking A3 Poster

1 x Calling People of Goodwill: The Bible and the Common Good

20 x Feedback forms


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