C5898TR - I am Bread of life - Tract

I am Bread of life - Tract

A6 (105mm × 148mm)

Inside this tract are the following words:

Food is one of the greatest pleasures of life. We need it to live, but we don’t just eat to meet our bodies’ energy requirements. We eat to reward ourselves; we eat when we need soothing; we eat out of boredom; we eat as a distraction and as a form of entertainment. As a culture, we eat much more than we need and as a result suffer all sorts of health issues and fund a bizarre industry devoted to helping us restrict our calorie intake.

When Jesus said he was the ‘bread of life’ he meant he was as key to survival as the staple food of the day. He meant he could satisfy more fully than the freshest, most fragrant crunchy loaf of bread. He meant that he could meet the gnawing craving in the pit of the stomach that the most delicious array of dishes doesn’t even touch because the hunger isn’t really for a hearty meal.

Are you aware of a hunger that is never satisfied? Put these audacious words of Jesus to the test. Come to him with your need for sustenance and comfort and see what happens.

A prayer Jesus you said you were the bread of life. I am hungry and tired and overwhelmed by needs that never come close to being met. Please will you satisfy me. Amen.

This striking design will be eye catching both inside and outside your church. Remind those who see it that Christ is the bread of life!

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