C5960QQI - Caring for Creation - PowerPoint Background

Caring for Creation - PowerPoint Background

As Christians we worship the God who is creator and sustainer of the universe. His planet needs the church to lead the way on these issues as stewards of what God has made, loves and cares for. As his children, we are called to value what he values and mobilise to pray and act on the unfolding environmental catastrophe.

Green and eco issues are a prevalent topic in society today, and are a great way to start conversations about the Creator of the universe. Displaying a design like this shows that Christian's care about these issues too!

Use this design as a background for your church notices slides to remind people to pray for creation and environmental issues. Add prayer points, information about environmental groups or events and actions happening in your congregations or communities.

Here are some more ideas and resources about how you and your church can get involved with environmental issues:

  1. Pray for our country’s leaders - that they would listen and willing to act. Pray for unity across the globe around key environmental issues.
  2. Start a small group to champion environmental issues, discuss how to act and pray. Be accountable together.
  3. Make environmental issues a regular part of your church communications, eg parish newsletters, website blogs and emails featuring concerns, green lifestyle tips and campaign actions and events from charities helping act and speak out about these issues. - Pray for God’s creation ppt slide and social media banners.
  4. Be a Fairtrade Church and sustainably source food and snacks for the church, committing to change what you buy from companies and products that help the environment.
  5. Encourage people to walk or cycle to church. Start a car sharing scheme.
  6. Celebrate Harvest as a church and community. Say thank you to God for the creation he has given us and include prayers for the environment in your services. Publicity here:
  7. Ask about your church energy supplier. See if they know about sustainable energy options that your church might be able to switch to.
  8. Use washable plates, cups and cutlery instead of throw-away/single-use plastic ones.
  9. View resources from A Rocha’s EcoChurch - A free online survey and supporting resources designed to equip your church to express your care for God’s world in your worship and teaching. EcoChurch covers everything from how you look after your buildings and land, to how you engage in individual lifestyle changes, with your local community and in global campaigns.
  10. Off-set your carbon emissions by planting trees through Climate Stewards

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