C6032FC - He is Risen - Message Card

He is Risen - Message Card


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When times are tough, we look for solid, unchangeable things to base our lives on: the love of those closest to us, good friends, work which satisfies and fulfils us.

The Christian faith is based around the death and resurrection of Jesus, and Easter is the time that the Church marks these two pivotal events in world history.

No two events have impacted human history more powerfully and more enduringly than these two cataclysmic happenings. And we still feel the effects today.

We believe there is rock-solid, reliable evidence for both these amazing events, demonstrated daily in the lives of millions of Christians worldwide.

The Church itself was born because the early followers of Jesus were absolutely convinced about his resurrection from the dead. From a discouraged, frightened rabble fearing for their lives following the crucifixion, the disciples became an extraordinary force of nature, turning the world upside down and even facing death for their beliefs.

The Christian message of Easter promises forgiveness for the past, God’s presence in the here and now and a future full of hope.

Why not visit a church near you to discover more about this message of hope? You’ll also find out more at www.christianity.org.uk

'He is Risen' by Isabelle Smith

By illustrator and typographer Isabelle Smith, this shows the light of the angel inside the open tomb, with the verse Matthew 28:6 which says 'He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay.'

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